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“One of the many reasons they were appointed was their desire to understand our company culture and industry…The ideas and road map provided by Transform Performance International for the next 12 months is very exciting and we are looking forward to the new financial year and the success we will have by working with them.”


Head of Sales – Flight Centre UK

“Transform Performance International takes a more comprehensive look at training and communications than other consultants. They start with developing an understanding of the basic drivers that motivate each of us. They then help orient our programs so that they connect at the most fundamental levels of how we learn and build relationships. Their approach is not only innovative – it’s very effective. It is no accident that they now work with us all over the world.”


Public Affairs Manager Dow – Central Europe

“Thank you again for the creative thought, the vision and the ultimate experience. The event was a huge success. It doesn’t get any better when the Sr. VP of the theatre takes aside my boss and my manager’s boss (who was also there) and says “This was brilliant! Absolutely well done!”


Senior Director – Cisco

“Thank you for the advice and assistance that Transform Performance International provided to Deloitte during the formulation of The Distinctive Client Programme. Your team worked in harmony with our own to create a superb result that was visionary yet ultimately pragmatic. A rare combination.”


Vice Chairman and Partner – Deloitte LLP

“You guys carried the ball and I can honestly say that EVERYONE commented that it was the best such day that we have had! Indeed, we spent a lot of time addressing the “why do you think that this was the case” and your ears would have been burning as, again, EVERYONE commented on the facilitation techniques being vastly superior to those demonstrated by the little company, McKinsey. Ha! Take that Goliath!”


CEO, Wholesale and International Banking – Lloyds Banking Group

“The Federal Government workshop was one of the most valuable training sessions that I’ve attended in my 13 years with this organization. I have just had two of the best meetings of my sales career. I listened and got more information based on giving more benefits from understanding the customer requirements. I referenced customer success stories and resurrected a potentially dead opportunity for business. It was excellent and certainly a lot more fun.”


Sales Development Manager – Fortune 500 company