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Our leadership development programmes raise the emotional intelligence and self-awareness of your leadership team, supporting improved performance and employee growth.

Our approach to development is flexible and our programmes shaped to your company’s requirements and business goals.

For more information, take a look at our leadership development programmes below or contact our team of experts to discuss your individual programme requirements.

Leading in a Hybrid World

The world of work has undergone a major transformation, and traditional face-to-face leadership skills are no longer enough. To be successful in this virtual and hybrid environment, leaders must adapt and develop new leadership strategies and habits.

Successful leaders understand how to effectively lead and engage with their team in a hybrid world; attract and retain top talent; and build a dynamic and productive work environment. In this module, leaders will:

  • Master the principles of effective leadership in any environment.
  • Identify and overcome the unique challenges of leading in a virtual/hybrid world.
  • Learn how to adapt their leadership approach to meet the needs of different behavioural styles in a virtual environment.
  • Understand and implement the “VIRTUAL” model of leadership to drive results in their team.
  • Create new, effective leadership habits to succeed in the ever-evolving world of work.

By the end of this training session, leaders will have the skills and strategies needed to lead and succeed in today’s virtual and hybrid world, drive results and engagement with their team, and cultivate a dynamic and productive work environment.

Building Resilience in a
Changing World

As the world changes at a rapid pace, it’s essential for leaders to have the skills and knowledge to navigate through change and maintain resilience. Successful leaders understand how to successfully lead in an ever-evolving world, they cultivate resilience in themselves and their team, they are agile and supportive leaders who empower their teams to overcome challenges, adapt to new situations, and reach their full potential in an ever-changing environment. In this module leaders will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the 6 domains of resilience, and how to cultivate resilience in themselves and their team.
  • Identify their own personal resilience strengths and areas for improvement through self-reflection, discussion and assessment.
  • Understand how to navigate the challenges of change through an in-depth understanding of the “House of Change” model.
  • Enhance their conflict management skills by learning about the 5 different conflict styles and when to use them effectively.
By the end of this training session, leaders will have the tools and knowledge necessary to lead their team through change with confidence, cultivate resilience in themselves and their team, and drive success in an ever-evolving business world.

Unlocking Team Performance

In today’s fast-paced business world, managing performance effectively is essential for success. But it’s not just about driving results; it’s about fostering a culture of growth and development where everyone can thrive.

Successful leaders understand the art of performance management, they have the tools and strategies needed to unlock the full potential of their team and create a high-performing, supportive work environment.

By the end of this training session, leaders will have a comprehensive understanding of the key elements and strategies for managing performance, including how to determine success, identify performance blocks, and engage in powerful performance conversations.

In this module leaders will:

  • Discover how to clearly define and measure success for each individual in their team.
  • Understand a straightforward framework to identify performance barriers and coach team members to overcome them.
  • Explore the critical elements required for creating a desired state, and how to achieve it.
  • Master best practices for engaging in effective performance conversations with team members.
  • Understand four key coaching strategies for maximising individual and team performance.

The Motivational Leader


Say goodbye to the outdated methods of motivation; today’s leaders need a new approach to inspire their teams in a fast-paced and constantly changing hybrid world. Successful leaders understand the keys to modern, effective motivational leadership. They create a positive and productive work environment, build a motivated team, and drive results in a dynamic and innovative way. During this module, leaders will:

  • Uncover the surprising truth about what truly motivates individuals and teams in the workplace.
  • Discover how to create a culture of purpose, mastery, and autonomy to drive motivation and success in your team.
  • Master the 6 key motivators and understand how they drive attitudes and behaviours in a team.
  • Develop the flexibility to adapt their motivational style and effectively inspire others into action.

By the end of this training session, leaders will have the tools and strategies to inspire their team to reach new heights, cultivate a motivated and productive work environment, and drive results through effective motivational leadership.

Mastering Challenging Conversations

Despite the initial discomfort, difficult conversations drive engagement, boost productivity, and ensure conflicts are resolved quickly without escalating. Successful leaders understand the importance of fostering a culture of continuous and constructive feedback. They empower their team to speak up, provide opportunities for open dialogue, and track progress to ensure everyone knows their feedback is valued. In this module leaders will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of why challenging conversations are essential for success.
  • Develop practical skills in using a straightforward feedback model.
  • Understand how to cultivate a culture of ‘Radical Candor’ to drive candid feedback.
  • Learn the 5 conflict styles and when to apply them for optimal results.
  • Navigate ego states effortlessly while giving and receiving feedback.

By the end of this training session, leaders will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate and handle difficult conversations, foster a culture of honest feedback, and navigate conflict with confidence, leading to improved team engagement and productivity

How to Connect & Communicate with Anyone

The measure of great communication is the impact that it makes.

Leaders who understand their own behavioural and communication preferences, as well as the preferences of others, have the ability to adapt their style to effectively engage and connect with each individual on their team. This leads to increased collaboration, improved team dynamics, and better overall results. In this module leaders will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the DISC behavioural framework.
  • Have an enhanced level of self-awareness through exploring their personal DISC psychometric report.
  • Develop the ability to adapt behaviour and communication styles to effectively engage with each of the 4 DISC types.
  • Learn to use the ‘Connections Tool’ to build strong and lasting relationships through tailored connection strategies.
  • Create new, effective leadership habits to succeed in the ever-evolving world of work.

After attending this workshop, leaders will exhibit improved adaptability and communication skills, resulting in more effective engagement with diverse personality types and stronger, lasting relationships with colleagues and customers, leading to enhanced team dynamics and improved results.

Presentation Skills for a
Hybrid World

As technology continues to play an increasingly important role in sales, learning how to present effectively in a virtual setting has become a critical skill for salespeople to master. Having the ability to present effectively in face-to-face and virtual settings ensures salespeople can engage and persuade their audience, building their confidence and credibility, and ultimately increase their sales success in a range of different situations. During this module delegates will:

  • Further understand their audience, building on their knowledge of cultural and behavioural preferences using the RADAR framework.
  • Discover how to structure presentations for virtual and face-to-face delivery.
  • Learn how to get the best from technology and how to maintain attention and engagement in a virtual presentation.
  • Understand and practise using the 10 presentation power tools for success.
By the end of this session, delegates will have the knowledge and skills to confidently deliver engaging and effective presentations in both face-to-face and virtual settings, ultimately enabling them to connect with their audience and achieve greater success in their sales roles.

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