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Who We Are

Our belief-centred sales and leadership development programmes deliver organisational change and a culture of high performance. We develop bespoke transformation courses which move beyond the theory. We combine face-to-face and virtual workshops, well-known and proprietary psychometrics, self-directed learning, coaching hours and bespoke applications. Our range of resources achieve the desired outcome, in the most efficient and engaging way.

We partner with renowned academics and business schools (e.g. Henley Business School) to create unique research for our programmes, which deliver increased sales and leadership effectiveness as well as personal and team performance across the business. Our award-winning solutions have been delivered in 85+ countries, in local languages, for clients such as Microsoft, GfK, American Express, Cisco, Deloitte and Sunbelt Rentals UK.

We help your people perform better, and your business achieve more.

Why you should meet with us:

  • You’re struggling to create the organisational change needed to deliver your goals.
  • You need a consistently high-performing workforce.
  • There’s potential in your employees but you need help unlocking it.

We are experts in leadership, sales transformation and change: if you’re looking to move forward in those areas you should talk to us. You will gain:

  • Increased business performance.
  • Leaders with emotional intelligence.
  • Sales teams with the skills and courage to achieve stretching goals.
  • A culture which is collaborative, with clear values and purpose, where everyone is aligned to the vision.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

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We are an endorsed training provider by The Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP)

The ISP endorsement is a mark of recognition for sales training programmes that are delivered to consistently high standards, globally.

Working with you to develop your people towards excellence

Areas we specialise in

Data-led: Unique global research on the beliefs of top-performing salespeople and leaders are built into our materials. And we partner with business schools and academics to better understand what sets top performers apart.

Beliefs-focused: We are different from behaviour-centred employee development programmes which fail to first explore the underlying belief systems that lead to unhelpful and unproductive behaviours. We deliver effective behavioural change by first understanding the beliefs that drive your people’s behaviours.

Always bespoke: Our programmes aren’t off the shelf, they’re crafted around your organisation’s desired state, with a focus on tangible increases in performance.

Full project management: You can confidently outsource the entire running of the programme to us.

We are proud to be a Salesloft Certified Partner​

Salesloft is a platform designed for B2B sales engagement. With their data-driven insights and our coaching and mindset development, our client’s sales teams receive even more innovative and effective solutions.