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Change programmes: evolving the business is a necessary pain for future gain

Is your business stuck in the past? Don't get left behind. We'll help you implement a successful change programme with a data-driven approach.

Are your limiting beliefs sabotaging your personal growth?

Break free from your limiting beliefs and elevate your leadership journey with these transformative strategies for growth.

Celebrating Amanda Street: a leader in business

Amanda's inspiring journey from the tech industry to becoming a leadership consultant at Transform Performance. Learn about resilience, adaptability, and the power of purpose.

How to foster connection in remote teams

Feeling disconnected from your remote team? Learn how to leverage online interactions, create space for open communication, and build a thriving remote culture.

How we measure learning outcomes

Use a combination of measurement tools covering subjective and objective data to give a rounded view of your learning outcomes.

How to build confidence using ‘Real Play’

How to overcome awkwardness and build confidence with 'Real Play', a more immersive and effective alternative to traditional role playing.