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Celebrating Amanda Street: a leader in business

Amanda Street’s journey in the corporate world is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the power of purpose. From her early days in the tech industry to her current role as a leadership consultant with us, Amanda has navigated her career with insight and determination.

Too often we hear stories of adversity and glass ceilings when it comes to women in the workplace and, while this is undoubtedly a common experience, we wanted to mark #IWD2024 by celebrating what can be achieved.

So we spoke to Amanda to find out what motivated and inspired her as well as what she’s learned from her experiences so far.

Beliefs are central to success

Central to Amanda’s success are the beliefs instilled in her by her parents, particularly her father’s wisdom on networking, which emphasised the importance of giving rather than getting.

This manifested as a deep appreciation of the power of relationship building and has continued as Amanda’s ‘why’. This purpose has been Amanda’s guiding light, helping her to establish boundaries and, in an unexpected way, teaching her how to be adaptable.

Her philosophy of ‘establish purpose before action’, coupled with an appreciation for curiosity, has fuelled her ability to understand and connect with others on a deeper level. She believes that being “nosy,” as she puts it, is not rude but essential for gaining a better understanding of others and the situations around her.

At Transform Performance, we emphasise the significance of aligning personal and corporate values, because making value-based decisions is key to achieving fulfilment. It’s for this reason that we start all our personal development with beliefs rather than behaviours, where most learning and development begins.

Amanda continues to advocate for curiosity and learning, reflecting on the culture she found when she first joined Hewlett Packard (HP). She was there for only a few months before Bill Hewlett and David Packard exited the business but that was long enough to recognise that this was an environment where mutual trust and respect were held in high regard.

Initiatives like “Helping Others Succeed” (HOS) showed HP’s open-minded approach and, despite the lack of emphasis on diversity in the ‘90s, HP’s focus on creating an environment conducive to personal and professional growth set a precedent ahead of its time.

Adaptability and resilience

One benefit that comes from understanding the landscape of your work environment is an understanding of what boundaries exist. We cannot adapt if we can’t sense our boundaries, we need them to understand context, to set expectations and to gauge progress and performance.

But there are other external influences which affect our career path.

Amanda is very clear that success is not solely attributed to her individual efforts. She recognises the power of building alliances and leveraging collective strengths. She knows how important it is, as an individual and as a leader, to understand that not everything has to be done by you personally. Recognise your strengths and weaknesses, know what strengths exist around you and use them. Doing so is important for resilience, as well as showing everyone that their contributions are valued and respected.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Amanda’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of purpose, values, and beliefs in achieving success and fulfilment in the corporate world.

Photo of Amanda during an in-person leadership workshop facilitation

In addition to being a role model and mentor for other women, the support of which is and has always been a personal passion, her journey is an inspiration to all who strive to align their personal values with their professional endeavours, creating meaningful impact and lasting change.

At Transform Performance, we celebrate not only Amanda’s individual achievements but also the collective strength and resilience of women throughout the corporate world.

Ready to ignite your own journey of purpose, resilience, and success? Get in touch and let’s empower your leadership path together. Explore our transformative programmes and unleash your full potential today.

Photo of Amanda Street with two company logos, one of Transform Performance International logo, the other International Women's Day logo

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