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How To Be an HR Hero of Resilience

How can we develop resilience in individuals, teams, and as an organisation?

At Transform Performance we believe every individual has a responsibility to develop their own resilience, and Leaders and Managers have an additional responsibility to support their team members’ growth. But also…we believe a Leader or Manager should step back, see the bigger picture, and develop a resilient TEAM – a collective, whose strength is more than that of just the individuals combined.

Join us for an empowering session where we’ll explore the importance of a resilience strategy in a changing business landscape. You’ll gain access to the latest insights and methods for building and fostering resilience in yourself, the teams you support, and across your organisation. To enable you to survive, thrive, and drive your business forward.

3 key things you’ll take away:

  • A strategic approach to building a resilient organisation
  • Insight into providing the ROI of developing resilience
  • Tools and techniques you can practice and share

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