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Partnering with Salesloft to power sales engagement and sales development

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Salesloft, the provider of the leading sales engagement platform that helps sales teams drive more revenue. The partnership will bring together two pioneers in sales engagement and sales development.

Increasing sales effectiveness and efficiency  

Salesloft is a platform designed for B2B sales engagement, and helps salespeople and sales teams drive more revenue. It gives them everything they need in one place. Sellers can execute all of their selling tasks, communicate with buyers, understand what to do next (with the help of data and AI) and get the coaching and insights they need to win. All from a single platform.

Rob Marklove, Managing Director of Transform Performance International says:

“Partnering with Salesloft was an easy decision as they’re the market leader in sales engagement. We see many synergies between Salesloft and ourselves, continuing to drive our client’s revenues upwards. People and technology are synonymous; you can’t have one without the other. Our partnership will now provide our clients access to world-class sales & leadership people development whilst delivering market-leading technology to accelerate revenue contribution.”

With Salesloft, sellers can access deal insights within their workflow, giving them the ‘why’ behind what they’re doing at exactly the right time. For example, an account executive using Salesloft can see a deal’s likelihood to close, identify risks in deals, and get recommended next best actions to get deals across the finish line. Similarly, their managers can see their reps’ activities and pipeline; they know what to coach their reps on, see what deals are at risk and know when they need to step in. Mike Guest, Sales Director at Transform Performance International said:

“In our 20+ years of sales coaching and development, it’s our experience that top-performing salespeople have a belief that what they’re doing will work. That’s one of the reasons Salesloft is so effective, because it gives salespeople the data and evidence behind recommended actions. This gives them the ‘why’ which powers a positive mindset, which in turns powers successful behaviours and successful outcomes.”

Thousands of the world’s most successful sales teams, like those at Cisco, Google and 3M drive more revenue and improve their customer interactions by using it.

Better quality coaching opportunities powered by data

From a leader’s point of view, managers can use the platform data to track individuals’ performance against their peers. They can see what specific behaviours and actions might be resulting in positive outcomes, vs. what behaviours might be better tweaked in a dedicated coaching environment and sales development environment.

Luis Ribero at Salesloft says:

“Being able to coach your salespeople is critical. Transform Performance gives leaders the confidence and know-how to turn our data-points into effective and targeted coaching conversations so sellers can better serve customers and win more deals. We are excited at the opportunity to bring together Transform Performance’s skills and mindset development with our cutting-edge technology, creating a powerful solution for sales teams.”

Overall, as Transform Performance and Salesloft continue to work together, sales teams can expect to see even more innovative and effective solutions that empower them to achieve their goals and drive business growth.

Addressing our client’s People, Process and Technology needs

The People, Process, and Technology (PPT) framework is a well-known approach to improving business performance. In the context of sales enablement, the framework emphasises the importance of having the right people with the right skills, using the right processes, and leveraging the right technology to drive sales success.

Historically, sales enablement teams have come to Transform Performance for help with the People and Process aspects of the PPT framework, focusing on skills development and process optimisation.

Now, with this new joint value proposition with Salesloft, we are able to also provide support for the Technology aspect of the framework. We can leverage Salesloft’s sales engagement platform to help sales teams improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Which means our partnership is a great example of how businesses can collaborate to deliver holistic solutions that address all aspects of the PPT framework and drive measurable results.

For more information or to inquire about how we can help you use Salesloft to power increased revenue, contact Rob Marklove at [email protected].


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