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High-performing businesses focus on sustainable change

Sustainable change is key, and we like a belt-and-braces approach

Delivering change isn’t enough for us. Nor is helping you identify and nurture your high performers. We want both. And when it comes to delivering for our clients, we achieve both.

In our minds, there are several elements to achieving sustainable transformational change.

  • Clarity
  • Understanding
  • Time

Let’s look at these individually.

The role of clarity in creating sustainable change

It seems obvious but having a single, clear, well-articulated goal is the best way to steer your business towards the outcomes you desire. And yet, you’d be surprised how few leadership teams nail this. They’ll be heading in roughly the right direction but there will be sub-agendas, differing priorities and also differing opinions on how to get there.

All of these variances create noise and that translates throughout the organisation as confusion.

At Transform Performance, we start with what people believe. What is it that truly drives them? A big part of this will stem from what they believe their role within the business is, and how it can contribute to the main goal. You can see, then, why clarity is so important.

In a successful business, the main goal – the strategic direction if you like – is translated down through the departments and teams with each individual understanding why they have the targets they do.

Take your sales teams. If they understand how their performance links to the overall target of the business, they will be more driven as they will see themselves as a strong team with something to deliver. Clarity also brings consistency, and I don’t have to explain the benefit of every person in your organisation pulling in the same direction as opposed to people getting side-tracked or veering off on their own agenda.

Understanding the true challenge is critical to successful growth of individuals and organisations

In order for us to help our clients gain understanding we use data. Data has been at the heart of Transform Performance since it was founded and it’s what enables us to have confidence that we can drive truly transformational change.

Our wide range of psychometric tests and customisable assessments gives our customers a true picture of where their people are on their journey. It highlights where interventions are needed and enables championing of the high performers and nurturing of others to be able to join them.

Lots of businesses will work with consultants and experts to implement wide-ranging training and coaching programmes designed to develop their people. The content will be generic, though, and that’s where we are different – and therefore more effective.

Our learning interventions and coaching sessions can be tailored because we will have worked with you to understand the real fabric of your business. We can then see what is needed in terms of sales skills, emotional intelligence, attitudes, mindsets and beliefs – all of which make up the rich tapestry of any organisation’s workforce.

People are complex beings and rightly need detailed programmes if they are going to be supported to make real, ‘sticky’ changes.

This is where ‘understanding’ becomes relevant in a different context. We can help your sales team to understand what it takes to be a high performer in their field. We can help your leadership team to understand how to be more self-aware and equip them to lead and embrace change.

Without this understanding, not all of them will truly believe they can achieve the goals that have been set. And then your change will not be transformational or long-lasting.

Which brings us on to the third element: time.

Time is often forgotten when it comes to engaging and delivering on a client’s needs

When a business is facing challenges, everything becomes urgent. The causes of problems need to be found, addressed and the ship must be steadied as quickly as possible.

While we understand that, we have learned from experience that outcomes are only really effective if the process is done in a way that creates sustainable change. Yes, we can come into your organisation and tell everyone what they need to do differently. We can coach lots of your people to help them assess where they need to improve individually. But we can’t effect transformation change with that approach.

Instead, we use data to understand the detail of the challenges; we create a bespoke solution covering everything from sales-specific programmes to executive coaching; we even pull together the communication piece needed to capture the buy in of the business at large.

We always look to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our work is ongoing and can be evolved as we understand more and people’s needs change. By taking time, we are able to work with people in a way that enables them to question their own limiting beliefs. It is only when we can change our beliefs that we can change our behaviours with conviction and then see different outcomes as a result.

This is what transformational change truly looks like. It unlocks the potential inside your people. It increases business performance and, perhaps most importantly, it creates a culture in which new ways of working can thrive.

This culture is collaborative, with clear values and purpose and the people within it are aligned to a common vision.


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