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The importance of communicating your development programme launch to employees

Communication – briefings, knowledge sharing, team away-days, newsletters – is the life blood of any business. An organisation is really just a community of people, who all have the same end result in mind.

And yet, so often, communication falls by the wayside. People are in the dark about future plans. They don’t understand how the role they play contributes to the goals of the company. They feel forgotten, or worse, that they are being excluded from receiving important information.

This is not a recipe for success. And when you add a change programme into the mix, things become even more precarious.

Engaged employees are open-minded

For some years now, we’ve included internal communications support in the projects we deliver to our clients. Why? Because, in the absence of information, people make things up.

People naturally fear change so anything we can do to help your people understand what, where, why and how things will be different, we take very seriously. It is our commitment to our clients to create a sustainable change; to fully embed new ways of working so that they stick and become part of the culture of the business. This is how we add value.

We see too many examples of a correlation between high engagement and excellent communications, and poor engagement and terrible comms.

Our projects therefore always include materials to facilitate better communications.

Communication is the key

Let’s not forget that one of the main reasons we are hired by our clients is to unlock capability. We’re there to uncover hidden potential, to find the gap between ordinary and high performance and then help people to make that jump.

We know from previous experience that people need to feel properly equipped to achieve stretching goals and one of the tools we can provide is knowledge and information. For a culture to become collaborative and open – both necessary to allow high achievement – this needs to grow from the outset. Clear vision and values, alignment with the vision and a celebration of emotional intelligence. All these things are consistent with information sharing, inclusivity, and ultimately drive better performance.

Always bespoke

We’re able to tailor communications easily because our programmes are always bespoke. Everything we do is designed for you specifically. They start where you are currently, and only finish when we can see the energy is within your organisation to continue driving the agenda and embedding the change.

A lot of what we do involves coaching which, by its definition, is a form of communication. We include coaching in most of our programmes, and we also help you build it into your culture because it builds both morale and confidence and really helps people become the best version of themselves.

When you engage us to build a programme that drives growth and creates high-performing individuals, you need us to model the behaviours you want to see in your organisation in the future. There’s no ‘do as I say, not as I do’. We’ll help you and your teams to live and breathe excellent performance, great collaboration, fundamental support, and strong leadership from the get-go.


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