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Sales through The Salesperson’s Secret Code

Who we are / Transform Sales through The Salesperson’s Secret Code

We undertook extensive research into the beliefs systems that set top performing salespeople apart, and it has been published in the best-selling book – ‘The Salesperson’s Secret Code’

We analysed over 1,000 of the world’s top performing salespeople to identify five core components that combine to form a belief system that distinguishes winners in sales, and business

How the secret code can help your organisation

The research is now used in many of our sales programmes to help our client’s salespeople increase their revenue contribution globally:

  • We calculate the gap between delegates’ current motivation balance and the optimum balance by using our psychometric tool
  • The insights gained help us understand what adjustments should made to create and sustain high-performance in our client’s people

Are you interested in finding out about how your beliefs compare to the top 5% of sales professionals?

Other Sales Programmes

A challenging and transformational 9-month journey towards being perceived as a Trusted Partner that will include

The experience

  • Experiential face to face workouts
  • Real customer-facing challenges and simulations
  • Business videos, leading book summaries and Trusted Adviser refresher videos
  • Peer to peer learning

What will your customer experience? A Trusted Adviser who:

  • Acts with integrity, dependability, credibility, empathy, and consistency
  • Adjusts their behaviour to meet the engagement needs of customers
  • Influences, impresses, and inspires them toward business growth
  • Articulates unique value in a way that they can understand These talents will also enrich your relationships with prospects, customers, and your wider network

What is in it for you?

  • Deeper and more valuable business relationships
  • Greater credibility in your market Fresh thinking that will re-energise you
  • More business – faster, higher quality, longer lasting
  • Building your personal brand, value, and career

This programme explores the research, key findings and learning points from the best-selling book. Participants will learn how they can use the Secret Code to enhance their own sales effectiveness, as well as focussing on a range of essential attributes for today’s successful sellers. These include:

  • Receiving their own Salesperson’s Secret Code psychometric report which shows them how they compare with the ‘best-of-the-best’
  • Being able to identify what makes for a ‘distinctive client experience’
  • Understanding the requirements for successful executive engagement
  • Knowing how to raise the level of mutual trust, perhaps the most essential component for any long-term business relationship
  • Being able to use a behavioural framework to build better client connection strategies
  • Understanding and communicating the motivations and drivers of client behaviour
  • Being able to tell compelling business stories through an understanding of 5 story archetypes

In short, the Salesperson’s Secret Code programme gets to the heart of successful ‘sales DNA’.

The ability to hold the attention of your audience, clearly communicate your point of view and leave everyone wanting more, is a talent which comes naturally to some and less easily to others. Understanding some simple rules and techniques will arm even the most reticent of presenters with the skills and confidence to influence and impress.

This programme (which can be 1 day or up to three days, depending upon the degree of refinement and practise needed by participants) includes:

  • The dramatic arc – learn how the structure of your presentation can adopt the same principles as that gripping book you read lately, or that fabulous movie you watched at the weekend
  • 5 story archetypes – it’s amazing how much easier it is to construct your presentation once you have it clear in your head what type of story you are telling
  • The 10 ‘power-tools’ of great presenters
  • How to ‘Talk like TED’ – understand the way in which you can use 18 minutes to hold the room
  • The famous Transform Performance A PRIORITY approach to constructing an influential presentation which you can adopt anywhere, from a full auditorium to a table for two at a business meeting
  • The opportunity to practise with an experienced Transform Performance facilitator as your coach

For over twenty years Transform Performance presentation coaches have worked with many of the world’s largest companies on on-to-one assignments and major conference events. They have helped sales teams win multi-million deals and CEOs deliver strategic change messages which inspire action.

To develop mindsets, beliefs, behaviours, and skills that will generate new leads, business opportunities, referrals, and real appointments with decision-makers. A motivating, results orientated, experiential 2 days that will include:

  • Face to face workouts that will provide new ideas and fresh thinking
  • Real customer facing calls where the results can be monitored and tracked during the session – evidence of ROI
  • Live in the moment feedback from a sales transformation coach
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Focussed content:
    • The power of belief – the beliefs of top performers
    • Why should you care? – the compelling reason to act
    • What do the numbers say? – you cannot argue with the evidence
    • Structuring a communication – a script or a dynamic dialogue?
    • Objection handling – the power of ‘feel’, ‘felt’, ‘found’
    • Keeping the dialogue alive – gifting of value
    • The 7 Aspects of Influence – move beyond persuasion
    • The close – you don‘t need to
    • Tips and other call enhancing techniques

Version 1

Is working with customers an art or a science? At Transform Performance we believe that it is both. If we could easily predict the nature of customer interactions and relationships everyone would be a great salesperson and there would never be any challenge in growing our sales success. Our Client Engagement Mastery programme, which can be delivered as a virtual experience or face-to-face, comprises 4 modules and, typically, covers:

Module 1

Foundations of

  • What is distinctiveness in the eyes of your client?
  • What executives want
  • The Trustworthiness Quotient
  • Post Module 1 assignment

Module 2

Know Yourself,
Know Your

  • Review post Module 1 assignment
  • Introduction to DISC and the Behavioural Style Grid
  • How to recognise my client and their individual communication preferences
  • Post Module 2 assignment

Module 3

Creating Dynamic
Dialogue with

  • Review post Module 2 assignment
  • Building rapport
  • Four levels of listening
  • Drivers of client behaviour
  • The Salesperson’s Secret Code
  • Post Module 3 assignment

Module 4

Storytelling in

  • Review post Module 3 assignment
  • What’s your story?
  • The ‘chemistry’ of storytelling
  • Story structure
  • 5 Story archetypes
  • What’s your story, take 2
  • Post Module 4 assignment

All Transform Performance modules are interchangeable, so if your organisation has a particular need, it is very likely that Transform Performance has a module which can be ‘plugged in’ to your version of Client (or Customer) Engagement Mastery.

Version 1

Assess the ‘health’ of your network; broaden and build your reach and provide new engagement opportunities. A thought provoking 4-hour session that will include:

  • A face to face or virtual workout that will provide you with fresh thinking and new ideas
  • Highly interactive exercises that will take you out of your comfort zone

Version 2

What network? – trust-based networks – the theory 6 degrees of separation – it is a small world! Network Health Check™ – a tool to identify current state and opportunity Best practice – the habits of great networkers Coffee – a powerful method of influence Reciprocity – give and get, a law of human behaviour

There is nothing customers like less than salespeople who do not do their research and who do not understand their prospect’s world. And in today’s business environment the old adage that ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ has never been more true. This programme will help participants in the following ways:

  • Fast research and insight – automate high-quality data which is relevant to your customers
  • Structuring insight – use the translator to interpret the insight into customer language
  • Value communication – build and communicate compelling messages that feel unique, tailored and of value
  • Relevance – tune your message to the Role, Agenda, Culture and Temperament
  • Alignment – align your capabilities to the goals, strategies, and initiatives of your customer

You cannot influence and antagonise at the same time!

Connecting with customers in ways which are meaningful to them is an essential facet of any professional salesperson’s portfolio of skills. In this programme:

  • Know Yourself, Know Your Client
  • Part 1: Learn how your own environmental and communication preferences affect the way in which you communicate with your clients
  • Part 2: Learn how to identify your clients’ communication preferences and adapt your value message to suit their needs
  • Drivers for Customer Behaviour
  • Learn the 6 World Views which need to be a part of any value message
  • Learn how your own current preferences will affect the way you communicate value
  • Delivering A Distinctive Experience
  • Understand what being distinctive means to your client so that you can hone your GfK value message
  • Using the PESTEL & GSIC frameworks to align your value to the client’s world
  • Practise 5 Levels of Questioning which ‘drive down to value’

To support those moving from other business areas into their first sales role. Often these are subject matter experts that need to acquire relationship management and sales expertise.

What will you experience?

An intensive multi-week programme of essential selling skills that map to our clients’ sales process and any behavioural model that is in place. The programme includes:

  • Face to face workouts that will provide new ideas and fresh thinking
  • Role play of real customer scenarios
  • Live in the moment feedback from a sales performance coach
  • Toolkit to support all stages in the sales cycle
  • 1 to many coaching calls that maintain momentum
  • Sales process – map to the way customers buy
  • Sales models – the pros and cons
  • The beliefs and behaviours of top salespeople – model the best Preparation – demonstrate that you know the customer Discovery selling – the crucial combination – questioning, listening, observing
  • Proposal construction – distinctive proposals that are relevant to the recipient and aligned to their business issues
  • Pitching – the meaning of the communication is the effect Negotiating – achieving the easily said ‘win / win’ for long term relationships
  • Broadening and building – move from hunting to farming and care for them even more!