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Everyone can think of a person who has been a positive influence for them. What is it in that person we responded to – their authority, their tone, their energy, their example? Most likely it was a combination of some, or all, of those things. In the Influence, Impress and Inspire programme we share a range of approaches which will help anyone, whatever their role, leave a positive impact on people with whom they interact.

Areas we explore include:

  • The 7 Aspects of Influence and how you can apply these to achieve consensus in your matrix environment
  • How you can accelerate trust and consequently achieve results faster
  • The framing of proposals and business cases using the APRIORITY method
  • An analysis of inspirational leaders, externally and internally, including Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and others
  • A move away from PowerPoint to Storytelling centred on the findings from ‘Talk Like TED’

Areas we explore include:

  • Build and manage relationship with a deep understanding of self/other awareness
  • How to adjust: tone, pace, body language, rapport, word patterns and structures and apply to all aspects of communication across all media
  • Build the skill and confidence to move beyond polite co-operation whilst maintain mutual respect
  • Develop the confidence, bravery, and skill to hold crucial and courageous conversations with those you find most difficult
  • Learn how the beliefs you hold cause you to behave how you behave and how to embrace the mind-set of the best of best
  • Establish how to give challenging feedback across a wide range of situations – formal, informal, in the moment and to do so in such a way that it is motivational

Develop communication mastery across the range of media – conference calls, virtual classrooms, mobile, SMS and so on. What will you experience? A motivating, results orientated, experiential 1-5 days that will include:

  • Face to face workouts that will provide new ideas and fresh thinking ‘Real play’ scenarios
  • Live in the moment feedback from a communication expert
  • Peer to peer learning

Using up-to-date approaches to be more effective in sales Alerts, to obtain latest insight (Google, BBC, Artesian etc) Smart filtering and filing with Outlook Using Linked-In to drive sales success Undertaking desktop research Techniques for making sure you control technology and not the other way around

Use a wide range of technology including social networking, Google, and Microsoft office to; improve efficiency, gain and distribute insight, research, and prepare to engage, build distinctive proposals. A thought provoking 1/2-day session that will include:

  • A face to face workout that will provide you with fresh thinking and new ideas
  • Highly interactive exercises that will push you out of your comfort zone
  • The ability to enhance your online presence
  • A better understanding of how to gain insight that is relevant to you and your customers

Improve the confidence and competence of sales professionals in engaging with ‘C level’ executives – CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, etc. What will you experience? An intense development programme that integrates a 2-day workshop with ongoing coaching and momentum builders. This will include:

  • Face to face workshop focused on executive consultative selling
  • Highly interactive exercises that will push you out of your comfort zone
  • A ‘real life’ simulation of customer executive dialogue, engaging a real CXO customer A fast paced, performance-centric ‘learning laboratory’ environment for the practice and application of new skills and approaches Post-workshop one-on-one executive coaching and team momentum builders

Content will include: Why should you care – the compelling reason to act The executive perspective – the view from a real CXO – what keeps them awake at night, what they value, what works, what your competitors do and don‘t do Alignment – align your capabilities to the goals strategies and initiatives of your customer RACT™ – adapt your strategy and tactics at an individual level to the Role, Agenda, Culture and Temperament Distinctive customer experiences – stand out from the crowd with your insight and thought leadership Intense executive interaction role plays What’s in it for you?

  • Move up the value chain in customer relationships
  • Expand your market share in targeted accounts
  • Develop value-based executive relationships
  • Greater share of wallet and longer term profitable revenue