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3 ways Transform Performance make your change programme a success

When it comes to change, consistency is key. 

How many times have you embarked upon a change programme only to find it loses momentum, resulting in patchy support or a complete failure to embed in the organisation at all? If you’ve ever experienced a failed change programme, or even one which didn’t quite live up to expectations, you’ll know what we mean.

We share your frustration with this. At Transform Performance, we like to live up to the name on our tin and deliver actual transformation. But there are a few things we’ve learnt over the years which are critical to making change stick.

To create sustainable change, the learning that happens at the start needs to be thorough and meaningful. There’s no room in our solutions for sheep dips or anything that doesn’t get right to the heart of what, why and how you want your organisation to look in the future.

We think there are three reasons why we get sustainable change when others don’t.

  1. We have insatiable curiosity.

When we work with our you, we’re going to be really nosy. We like to uncover more than just your success factors and desired outcomes. And because our approach is rooted in robust, data-focused processes, we help you drive change that is based on choices rather than instructions. 

Through the work we do, every individual will understand how to fine tune their mindset and behaviours. They will be inspired to uncover what drives them and, if every individual can become the best version of themselves, your organisation as a whole will experience true transformation.

  1. We focus on beliefs.

When people want to change habits, they tend to focus on what they are doing – their behaviours – and how they want to change them. That’s a common approach in our industry too: you’ll have come across consultants who offer training programmes that inform your people of the change that is required and what it means in terms of “new ways of working”.

But here’s something else you’ll have come across: this approach doesn’t work. At least, not for long. 

And that’s because they start by looking at behaviours. At Transform Performance, we start further back. We address what’s going on in people’s minds. We delve into their beliefs. Because our business was founded on empirical studies of what makes leaders successful, we have a recipe we can use to find out where your gaps are. We understand, from our own original studies, how high performers think and it’s this that we can share with you and then create a programme that will enable you to effect long-term change.

  1. We are truly excellent project managers.

When it comes to driving organisational change, there are so many moving parts. We understand that you still have your day job and need to focus on running the business and delivering to your clients. So, we’ve made it our business to ensure we have absolutely everything else covered for you.

We’ve ensured you can confidently outsource the entire running of the programme to us. That includes:

  • Full operations and logistics management
  • Programme comms creation and distribution
  • Co-branded bespoke project assets
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Dedicated delivery manager
  • Pre- and post-project consultancy
  • Feedback capturing

Instead of expecting your busy HR team to incorporate this additional responsibility into their busy department, we take the strain, truly partnering with you for success. If you’re considering a change programme to improve the performance of your organisation, but you’re worried about failure rates based on past experiences, come and speak to us. We think you’ll find we’re refreshingly different, with an approach that’s based on proprietary empirical evidence of the beliefs that high performers hold.


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