Leadership through The Leader’s Secret Code


Leadership through The Leader’s Secret Code

Who we are / Transform Leadership through The Leader’s Secret Code

Our most recent published work is ‘The Leader’s Secret Code’. Based on global research, the findings share the belief systems that set top performing leaders apart

We began our search for the Leader’s Secret Code with the Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive, a library of more than 200 years of annual domestic facts and figures for over 200 countries and in 196 categories. We sifted over 700,000 (718,802) items written on leadership. Seven key descriptors of ‘leadership’ emerged:

  • Fulfilment
  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Influence
  • Control
  • Resilience
  • Empowerment

This is the foundation of 7 core beliefs of leadership which we can apply today

Iconic Leaders

We identified 13 of the world’s most successful leaders. We call them the ‘Iconics’ because of their significant impact on leadership across a wide spectrum of disciplines, from brain surgery and the National Basketball Association to the English National Ballet and the executive suite at Twitter. We explored in depth how each leader interprets their own world and how their experiences helped create a structure for their successes

How the secret code can help your organisation

The insights gained helped us create a proven model which can reveal to any leader how their own beliefs align to top leaders around the world: a personalised Leader’s Secret Code.

The research isnow therefore used in many of our leadership programmes to help leaders to closer align themselves to the best-of-the-best:

The research is now therefore used in many of our leadership programmes to help leaders to closer align themselves to the best-of-the-best:

  • We calculate the gap between delegates’ current motivation balance and the optimum balance by using our psychometric tool
  • The insights gained help us understand what adjustments should made to create and sustain high-performance in our client’s people
  • Team reports group results together to show scores for the team against the secret code, enabling greater insights

Are you interested in finding out about how your beliefs compare to the world’s best leaders?

Other Leadership Programmes

Improve the confidence and competence of your people who need to engage with ‘C level’ executives – CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, etc. What will you experience? An intense development programme that integrates a 2-day workshop with ongoing coaching and momentum builders. This will include:

  • Face to face workshop focused on executive consultative selling
  • Highly interactive exercises that will push you out of your comfort zone
  • A ‘real life’ simulation of customer executive dialogue, engaging a real CXO customer A fast paced, performance-centric ‘learning laboratory’ environment for the practice and application of new skills and approaches Post-workshop one-on-one executive coaching and team momentum builders

There is an old saying that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. That, in a nutshell, is the aim of this experience – the Board You Can’t Afford. The approach is simple, yet highly effective:

  • Delegates will bring to the workout one real, live, significant business challenge which they are facing
  • The group will vote on the challenges we will focus on during this session
  • The challenges will be processed live through a creative thinking model and framework – this will be engaging, conversational, provocative, and game-changing

Some of the techniques used will include:

Content will include: Why should you care – the compelling reason to act The executive perspective – the view from a real CXO – what keeps them awake at night, what they value, what works, what your competitors do and don‘t do Alignment – align your capabilities to the goals strategies and initiatives of your customer RACT™ – adapt your strategy and tactics at an individual level to the Role, Agenda, Culture and Temperament Distinctive customer experiences – stand out from the crowd with your insight and thought leadership Intense executive interaction role plays What’s in it for you?

  • Box processing
  • Hitchhiking
  • Sackable offences
  • Analogy
  • Creative visualisation
  • If only
  • Crazy ideas

The output of this workout will be unique in that there will be real solutions to real business challenges as well as an understanding of a repeatable process that these leaders can take away and use within their teams

In these times the focus upon our ability to deal with adversity has never been sharper. The shared experience of recent times has highlighted the need for all of us to build resourcefulness into our everyday lives – personal and professional. In this programme Transform Performance facilitators will guide participants through the following:

  • Our human condition – what stresses us and causes us to respond in the way we do
  • Being a corporate athlete – integrating all aspects of ourselves
  • The power of emotions – understanding how emotions play a part in our success
  • Manage your mental state – who exactly is in control here? Your colleagues, customers and family and friends – top tips for supporting the resilience of others

Build personal resilience; manage the resilience of others; manage your brain and align to your purpose in challenging sales environments.

A thought provoking 4-hour session that will include:

  • A face-to-face workout that will give you deeper appreciation of approaches to managing yourself
  • Highly interactive exercises and discussions
  • Insight into how to condition yourself in tough business conditions

The programme provides the tools and capabilities to cope in a wide range of situations and enables participants to ready themselves to bounce back strongly from the most challenging of situations. The version for sales managers will enable them to coach their people in ways which enhance resilience through techniques such as raising self-regard, perceptual positioning and ‘provocative coaching’.

Provides sales managers with the tools and capabilities to coach and performance manage across a wide range of sales situations. To move beyond being a manager towards being an inspirational sales leader.

What will you experience? A motivating, results orientated, experiential 2-day workshop that will include:

  • Face to face workouts that will provide new ideas and fresh thinking
  • Role play of real management and leadership scenarios
  • Live in the moment feedback from a sales performance coach
  • A toolkit to support relevant aspects of sales management and leadership Content will include: Know yourself, know your team – the emotionally intelligent leader The great coach revealed – easy to apply, performance coaching frameworks Questions to coach and lead – move from telling to engaging Motivators – understand what motivates each sales person Feedback – giving and receiving in a motivational way Compelling communication – authentic, persuasive communication iii – influence, impress and inspire Trustworthiness – dependability, integrity, credibility, empathy, consistency High performance sales teams – the 5 themes of great sales teams


Transform Performance International (TPI) has been designing and delivering leadership development programmes globally for over 20 years. The TPI team undertook a significant research project with the aim of identifying the impact of beliefs on leaders’ mindsets and behaviours. The results, with data from over 1000 leaders around the world and 13 ‘iconic leaders’ from a wide range of industries, were published in the best-selling book, The Leader’s Secret Code. This ‘secret code’ is central to the programme.


To develop your leadership beliefs, behaviours, skills and mindsets, that when deployed will cause your teams and your customers to hold you in the highest regard and describe you as inspirational, impressive, authentic, engaging, emotionally intelligent, challenging – all attributes of top performers

What you will experience

A challenging and transformational journey that will include:

  • 9 live or virtual workouts
  • Content that is based on The Leaders Secret Code and aligned to your values
  • Insight into the secrets of top performers
  • Relevant videos and articles
  • Feedback and insight that will be eye-opening
  • Business-facing challenges to bring the learning alive

The result – leaders who:

A challenging and transformational journey that will include:

  • Walk the talk of the company’s values
  • Adjust their behaviours to meet the needs of all colleagues and customers
  • Are brave in times of challenge and change
  • Show curiosity and a passion to learn and model the best of the best
  • Inspire, motivate and engage those around them

The value to you

A challenging and transformational journey that will include:

  • Deeper and more valuable relationships with your teamsM/li>
  • Greater credibility with your teams and other stakeholdersM/li>
  • Increased personal, team and organisational successM/li>
  • Building your personal brand, value and careerM/li>

The leader’s secret code

Until the coronavirus virus restrictions are lifted, we will run the leadership sessions in a
virtual environment (Zoom or Teams). You will be invited to 9 two-hour virtual sessions over
a 6-month period, an overview of which you can see below. The coaches who facilitate the
sessions will also invite you to view some added value short relevant and inspirational

Cracking the Code 

  • Introduction and overview to the programme
  • The power and importance of beliefs
  • Your Leader’s Secret Code report – understanding the research, the benchmark and personal leadership implications

World-class Communication

  • Know Yourself, Know Your People
  • Understand the power of logos, ethos, and pathos in communication
  • Learn how to apply a behavioural language with colleagues and customers to deepen mutual understanding and connection

Empowering for Success 

  • Leader’s Secret Code Empowerment beliefs: the delicate balance between ambiguity and unambiguity
  • Some surprising facts about motivation
  • The 6 World Views which drive you (and your people) and the ‘Golden
  • Rules’ which create an empowered team

The Influential Leader 

  • Understand when to push and when to pull (transactional v transformational)
  • Know how to apply 7 Aspects of Infuence and explore more deeply
  • your own leadership influencing preferenc

Being a Strategic Leader in a D-VUCAD World

  • “6 A’s” of agile leadership in a disrupted, volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, diverse world
  • 9 ways to thrive in a turbulent world – your intuition can serve you well
  • Know how to recognise bias in leadership decision-making – using the right facts
  • Understand when you are making emotional v rational leadership decisions

Working Hard & Smart to Build Resilience and Vitality

  • The ‘chemical story’: what goes on in our brains to help or hinder resilience
  • Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers  – and nor should you!
  • Your personal ‘MBA’ (mind and body alignment)
  • How to recognise and control emotional triggers to make us more resourceful leaders

Leading World-Class Teams

  • How to create sustainable high performance – learn from the best-of-the-best
  • Success through participation – assess your and your team against the 5 cornerstones of collaboration and leave your ego at the door
  • Understand your conflict style – know when to be directive and when participative approach works best
  • Build a climate of ‘psychological safety’ in your team

Transformational Coaching 1

  • What is Coaching? Why Coach? Coaching with GROW
  • Learn how giving your people the confidence to achieve – fulfilling for them and for you

Transformational Coaching 2

  • Diagnosing the true cause of over- / under-performance
  • The Coaching Conversations – 4 styles to suit every situation
  • How to build coaching plans for your people. Grow your own sense of affiliative fulfilment and their sense of personal achievement through world-class coaching

Emotional Intelligence (Ei) is how somebody manages their personality to be both personally and interpersonally effective. Leaders can tap into how they use their understanding of their people (and themselves) to generate improved results. A profile will provide feedback on the leader’s attitudes, feelings, and behaviours so that they can each more consciously engage, coach, and motivate others. Our Ei programmes typically cover the following areas:

  • Using the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP), understand how the attitudes and feelings we have influence our behaviours (what colleagues and partners experience)
  • Role play of real management and leadership scenarios
  • Live in the moment feedback from a sales performance coach
  • Learn how to leverage your Ei to deliver sustainable performance in self and others – applied in the context of leadership, team, and customers
  • Explore your personal values and understand how these help you influence others
  • Develop your awareness of your personal talents as they relate to excellence in partnering
  • Understand how to use Ei to determine when to make emotionally or rationally-based decisions
  • Know when to apply ‘intelligent disobedience’ to bring better outcomes for your partners
  • Latest research showing a direct link between the level of emotional intelligence leaders display and their ability to lead teams effectively in today’s rapidly-changing world
  • Offering each leader the opportunity to gain insight into their current Ei state in areas including: – Regard for themselves and others – Awareness of others – Authenticity in relationships – How they build and maintain trust
  • Having completed the Emotional Intelligence Profile (40 minutes) each leader will be offered a one-hour personal conversation with an Ei coach to explore their report

The Result:

  • Leaders who will have greater insight into how their current attitudes and behaviours are impacting their personal leadership performance
  • Personal actions which have a marginal gain impact i.e. 50 leaders all making small changes adds up to a lot
  • Increasingly open climate which has a knock-on positive effect into the wider teams

What will I gain?

  • Appreciation of how emotional intelligence can be used in leading others
  • New insights into how emotional intelligence affects our engagement with others and ourselves
  • The choices to be made in “being emotionally intelligent”

What will I experience?

Engaging, interactive session; stimulating multi-media presentation, engaging activities, a summary of key messages. The content will include:

  • Components and impact of Ei
  • Exploration of the different types of feelings and impact
  • Steps in consciously using Ei

One day you are a manager and the next you are a leader. In truth, of course, the lines between the two are blurred; and very often managers spend so much time managing that they lack the headroom to think about how they lead and the impact they could have. Many of us have been placed into positions of leadership without having had adequate preparation for the role. The Transform Performance Leadership Transition Programme is designed to help managers and /or ‘future talent’ prepare for leadership roles and to enable them to become exemplar leaders in their current role. The content of this programme, which can be delivered virtually or face-to-face, typically includes

  • The nature of influence – how understanding the many facets of influence enhance others’ perceptions of you as a leader
  • The Trustworthiness Quotient – understand what behaviours build and destroy trust, the foundation of leadership success
  • Building ‘Brand You’ – what do you want to be known for and what do you want to project as a potential leader?
  • Capturing hearts and minds – how to tell stories which enhance your professional/personal impact and business effectiveness
  • Resilience – perhaps one of the most important attributes in leadership today. Understanding resilience enhances personal effectiveness and well-being and enables us to support others to bounce back strongly

Throughout the programme we weave in the most appropriate instrument from our wide range of psychometrics to enhance the experience of the participants. This might be emotional intelligence, behavioural and motivational style, or the Leader’s Secret Code Report. In short, the Leadership Transition Programme will leave emerging leaders with a range of tools and methods which will enable them to stride forward with confidence

It was the American military which first coined the acronym VUCA, to summarise the world in which it found itself in the deployments of the 1990s and into the current decade. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – a world where traditional answers and chains of command no longer worked. The message is common in today’s business world – and the recent pandemic highlights this better than any textbook ever could. So, how do we lead in a VUCA world, so that we and our people can still give of their best?

  • Learn how to build sustainable cultures that are change-ready and change-adept.
  • Analyse how organisations including Zara manage change in today’s fast-paced business world.
  • Explore a range of target operating model designs and implementation techniques that mitigate risk by reducing change fatigue.
  • Study the experience of Apple and Android and learn how disruptive innovation can challenge the status quo.
  • Leave able to translate learning into action by optimising change initiatives at an individual, team and organisational level in your business.

A responsibility not to be ignored

Transformational coaching sounds incredibly aspirational, but then, it should be. Managers and leaders are responsible for the ongoing growth and development of their people and the ability to coach effectively is both a moral responsibility and a sound business investment for future success. The ability to motivate and inspire others to be the best version of themselves is at the core of Transform Performance’s coaching ethos. As Professor Sir John Whitmore, one of the world’s most respected coaches, once said, ““Unless the manager or coach believes that people possess more capability than they are currently expressing, they will not be able to help them express it.” Our Transformational Coaching programme is aimed as much at the belief systems of great coaches as it is at their behaviours and skills.

The experience

Participants on Transform Performance’s Transformational Coaching programme will experience, amongst other things:

  • An understanding of themselves and each of their team members, using a framework which teaches how people solve problems, how they influence others, the speed they work at, and the amount of process and detail they will require. Every participant receives a personal 25-page profile and is given access to Transform Performance’s Connections App
  • Understanding motivation – there are many and varied factors involved in motivation. Participants will learn about the 6 World Views and how these lead to an understanding of ‘why people do what they do’. When coaches can access the 6 World Views and recognise how their coachees are relating to these drivers (usually unconsciously) they are able to position their coaching approach in ways that are more meaningful and relevant to the coachee
  • The coaching process – we explore how coaches operate, what a great coaching process looks and feels like, and some of the Golden Rules of coaching excellence
  • Diagnosing the gaps in performance: any performance gap can be measured in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Participants will learn how to express the performance gap and to identify the true cause
  • How to establish a coaching style that has the greatest impact. Participants will learn the 4 coaching conversations and work on real-life scenarios to establish their coaching strategy for upcoming coaching conversations
  • Giving feedback – this can be one of the hardest aspects of coaching for many people. Participants learn how to take the potential conflict out of feedback situations by using a context – observation – impact – now (COIN) approach
  • Questioning & Listening: the coach’s skill lies not so much in the expertise they have but in the way they display curiosity and empathy. Participants will learn how to ask ‘clean questions’ and demonstrate Level 3 listening power

To move beyond being a manager, towards an inspirational leader:

  • Know yourself, know your team – Understand yourself and understand each of your team members. Establish a coaching style that has the greatest impact for each of them
  • The great coach revealed – Explore the mind-set, behaviours, and skills of the best of the best. Identify how to model these attributes and move towards personal mastery
  • The process, the models, the tools – Learn about the framework that will bring coaching alive for you in a pragmatic and easy to apply way. This will include the ‘STARS’ process, the ‘GROW’ model and the ‘situational coaching framework’. In the workout, you will build a coaching plan for each of your team
  • The Crucial Combination – Three attributes of great coaches are questioning, listening, and observing. We will do a deep dive, a litmus test on your current health and share a toolkit of coping strategies to accelerate you forward
  • Feedback – Build the confidence and bravery to hold courageous conversations, tackle the ‘elephant in the room’ and give high quality feedback
  • The essential elements of trust – Another attribute of great coaches is their ability to create a feeling of trust and to do so quickly. This will mean demonstrating; dependability, integrity, credibility, empathy, consistency, and a laser focus on the coachee

Everyone can think of a person who has been a positive influence for them. What is it in that person we responded to – their authority, their tone, their energy, their example? Most likely it was a combination of some, or all, of those things. In the Influence, Impress and Inspire programme we share a range of approaches which will help anyone, whatever their role, leave a positive impact on people with whom they interact.

Areas we explore include:

  • Build and manage relationship with a deep understanding of self/other awareness
  • How to adjust: tone, pace, body language, rapport, word patterns and structures and apply to all aspects of communication across all media
  • Build the skill and confidence to move beyond polite co-operation whilst maintain mutual respect
  • Develop the confidence, bravery, and skill to hold crucial and courageous conversations with those you find most difficult
  • Learn how the beliefs you hold cause you to behave how you behave and how to embrace the mind-set of the best of best
  • Establish how to give challenging feedback across a wide range of situations – formal, informal, in the moment and to do so in such a way that it is motivational

What makes a world class team? In this session team leaders will have the opportunity to explore a range of team leadership concepts used by world class leaders, build on some of the techniques shared during Accelerate 2017 and can learn about and apply a broader range of approaches to leading teams

  • Build greater self and other awareness –understand why we do what we do and how we might adapt for greater performance
  • Experience an activity that stretches, challenges, and provokes the team to learn new relevant perspectives (sailing ocean racing yachts)
  • Share with the group what makes New Zealand All Blacks the greatest sporting team of all time and what we can adopt from this insight
  • Agree what we want to stand for as a team, what we are going to believe in, how are we going to behave to achieve our goals and ambition
  • What are we going to KEEP doing?
  • (because we are seriously good), START doing and STOP doing?
    Reach agreements that will mean each of us making compromises, building new habits and behaviours

What makes a world class team? In this session team leaders will have the opportunity to explore a range of team leadership concepts used by world class leaders, build on some of the techniques shared during Accelerate 2017 and can learn about and apply a broader range of approaches to leading teams

  • Build greater self and other awareness –understand why we do what we do and how we might adapt for greater performance
  • Experience an activity that stretches, challenges, and provokes the team to learn new relevant perspectives (sailing ocean racing yachts)
  • Share with the group what makes New Zealand All Blacks the greatest sporting team of all time and what we can adopt from this insight
  • Agree what we want to stand for as a team, what we are going to believe in, how are we going to behave to achieve our goals and ambition
  • What are we going to KEEP doing?
  • (because we are seriously good), START doing and STOP doing?
    Reach agreements that will mean each of us making compromises, building new habits and behaviours

The world right now is unprecedented state, and you are no doubt experiencing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. But don’t despair – so too are your competitors! If you turn this obvious pain into gain, you’ll create a sizeable advantage over them. This session explains how to step up to more conscious risk-taking by:

  • Becoming more curious and out of your comfort zone
  • Developing deeper understanding to overcome uncertainty
  • Employing risk-taking techniques used by NASA, the Royal Marines and McLaren Honda
  • Seeking clarity in decision-making and creating sense from chaos
  • Talking to others, and collaborating to seek different perspectives

Designed and delivered by leadership expert Professor Ben Laker, you’ll learn how to prosper and capitalise on the situation at hand through an immersive, content rich experience – learning from his experiences of advising Apple, NASA, The Royal Marines and New Zealand-All Blacks.

Who Should Attend?

Directors and senior managers who want to take their leadership to the next level by developing a deeper understanding of how to overcome uncertainty.


The primary theme is LEADERSHIP, and the secondary themes are RISK-TAKING and CHANGE