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AI-Powered Sales Mastery: 5 Transformative Techniques for Salespeople

A must-watch webinar for sales professionals and sales leaders looking to harness the power of artificial intelligence in their strategies.

Transformative techniques you can employ to work faster, smarter, and spend more time with your prospects:

  1. Prospect Research with AI
    • Discover how tools like Perplexity and OpenAI are redefining prospect research. Learn to leverage AI to gain deeper insights and identify potential leads with unprecedented precision.
  2. Personalised Outreach at Scale
    • How can empower you to create rapid personalised outreach campaigns. We’ll show you how AI can tailor your communication to resonate with each prospect, boosting response rates and engagement.
  3. Video Transcription & Analysis
    • Uncover the secrets hidden in your sales calls with tools like Salesloft, Gong and Teams Recording. Learn how AI-driven transcription and analysis can provide you with valuable insights, helping your refine your approach and close more deals effectively.
  4. The Prompt Framework
    • Transform how you interact with your customers through the Prompt Framework.

Tip #5

Watch this 6 minute video to learn about using AI for content creation 

Tom Ridley

Tom Ridley

Tom is an AI expert and sales leader. Over the past 20 years, Tom has excelled in selling and leading sales teams across a diverse range of established software companies and professional services organisations. In the last 5+ years, he has particularly distinguished himself in organisations that heavily leverage AI, showcasing his adaptability and forward-thinking approach. His experience in large corporations has been invaluable, enabling him to effectively apply those insights to smaller startups and scale-ups.

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