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What to look for when hiring a change-programme partner

You have a complex project to deliver. It needs thorough planning, the right milestones, and a huge ‘hearts and minds’ exercise to ensure people understand what is being done and why and can see the benefits of the outcomes. You’ve identified the need for a change-programme partner, but what do you look for?

Every business is different, if for no other reason than they employ individuals who all have their own personalities, perceptions and beliefs. So, is it the right thing to look for ‘experience’ in the transformation consultants you choose to work with to deliver such a critical change programme?

We think it is, but with a caveat.

Why experience isn’t always enough

In the same way that statistics can be used to tell us pretty much whatever we want to hear, experience can be misleading when it comes to ensuring the right outcomes. This is because of something called the ‘bias short cut’.

Put another way, the bias short cut happens when people make assumptions. When approached by a business that wants to change the way they work, the vast majority of transformation consultants will have some sort of ‘curriculum’. You will be offered something they’ve developed and refined based on similar projects. And, for the vast majority of programmes, it might suit you well.

But what about when you want to achieve more than the majority? What if your change programme is something you’ve designed to really level up? What if the last business to use that solution was a tenth the size of yours, and the solution isn’t scalable?

If you are looking to transform your business to become more effective and efficient, to identify and nurture your high-performing talent, and to position yourself as leaders in your field…just doing what the vast majority do isn’t going to cut it. For a start, you need to look for people that ask the right questions when hiring your next change-programme partner.

Asking the right questions

We start by asking what needs resolving. We put desires aside for a moment and ask you to consider what the problem is. By looking at what’s not working, we can get a feel for where we need to dig a little deeper. We can sense what questions need asking and it’s at this point that we use a range of tools to explore a client’s unique situation.  

Utilising data and analytics to design a tailored solution

We’ll work with you using techniques like scenario testing, client interviews, assessments and psychometric tools to gather data and analytics which then inform the exact scope of the change you need to see.

Because this removes the chance to make assumptions, it’s far more objective and will mean we can design you a project which focuses on the exact outcomes you require, guiding what to do and in which order, to have the greatest impact.

Taking this more tailored approach means there will be fewer gaps to plug at the end of the programme. Your end result will be closer to your vision.

Often, when a ‘one size fits all’ approach is taken, there will need to be additional side projects scheduled to cover off anything that’s not part of the package. It might be that you needed some extra training for sales leaders to work with a new system, for example, but the module provided assumed an equal provision of training across all employees.

Because we will pick this up during our analysis, we’ll have ensured this is part of the solution we design for you.

The power of data in avoiding assumptions

These days, data is readily available and our ability to analyse and understand it better than ever. It therefore seems to be one short cut too many to make assumptions that the experience gained when working for a different client, on a different, albeit similar, project will suffice for the next client as well. That’s why you should look for more than evidence of experience when hiring your next change-programme partner.

At Transform Performance International, we put data – and specifics – at the heart of what we do. We see this as staying completely open minded, not making assumptions, finishing your sentences or serving up a solution that was almost perfect for someone else.

Now you know what to look for when hiring a change-programme partner

If you’d like to speak to us about your transformation programme, nuances included, you can get in touch on +44 (0) 1488 658686 or email [email protected].

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