About The Partner Programme

What is the Partner Programme?

At Transform Performance International we have set up our business partner accreditation to help businesses, large and small, offer their clients new and exciting services. You want to grow your business, and we want to support you.

Partner Programme benefits

You will become a reseller of the content and tools that we offer. You’ll get preferential rates to complement your current offering, and you’ll be able to grow your business, whilst building stronger relationships with your clients.

Our content and tools at your disposal

We have over 20 years of intellectual property developed for global clients, across multiple sectors, that is kept up-to-date, continuously, by our team. Our services vary from psychometric instruments to contemporary e-learning modules.

Psychometric instruments: the global research that went into our most recent books, “The Salesperson’s Secret Code” and “The Leader’s Secret Code” uncovered the beliefs that drive the top-performing leaders and salespeople. Utilising those insights, we created two psychometric instruments that benchmark the beliefs systems of salespeople and leaders - they indicate where the respondent sits relative to the highest-performing leaders/salespeople upon whom the secret code is modelled. The key to unlocking better performance is thus accessible to everyone who completes the psychometric report.

What are the different types of Partners?

Delivery Partner

You will be a fully-fledged member of our delivery team. You’ll attend virtual sessions or face-to-face sessions with our clients.

Our clients often require Transform Performance International to scale up and down very quickly when undertaking transformational change. There is no guaranteed number of days’ work per month, as we match the right delivery partners with the right clients.

Business Partner

You may already have a well-established leadership, coaching, or sales consultancy and would like to offer your clients additional services. Many of our existing business partners already worked with the behaviours, skills and knowledge parts of their client’s organisations for example but came to us when they wanted to enhance their offering and measure the underlying beliefs that drive behaviour too.

As a business partner, you will have full access to a suite of tools and services:

  • Marketing collateral for use with prospects
  • Pre-sales support
  • Proposal writing
  • Online tools
  • “The Salesperson’s Secret Code” and “The Leader’s Secret Code” psychometric instruments for you to deploy, with a light-touch onboarding process so you start conversations with your contacts quickly and easily

Accredited Business Partner

As an accredited psychometric partner, you get access to everything a business partner has (above), plus 1:1 coaching time with our senior leadership team learning about the inner workings of the psychometric instruments; you’ll be able to coach your clients through their results in detail, and take your deployment of the psychometric tools to the next level:

  • Accreditation course (3 hours and virtual) for either/both The Leader’s Secret Code and The Salesperson’s Secret Code psychometrics
  • Access to our online videos explaining the beliefs and research that went into building the psychometric instruments
  • The knowledge needed to create your own organisational Secret Code with your client, which can be used for recruitment and ongoing development of their people
  • Preferential psychometric rates
  • 10 complimentary psychometric profiles for marketing use
  • Customised psychometric report with your logo and company details
  • 6 copies of each book