About Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics should be more than a mirror of the past. As a strategic practice, it offers the ability to understand what is happening in the moment, and help you predict where your business can go.

  • The hardest things for any firm implementing change is to understand the right things to do in the right order to get the maximum impact for their investment.
  • They are often put in a position where they are required to do this isolation.
  • We have an ability to help clients do this using a unique data set of comparative research.

We have the ability to help, because we partner with clients to unlock their potential for delivering performance transformation. Using a reliable and robust methodology that provides clarity around cause and effect and a predictive ability anticipate obstacles, we can dimension you against organisations of similar enterprise and boil that down to KPIs and success factors, tell you if you have your focus right and whether there are additional foci you should be considering, what you should do first and in what order, where you should attack and how.

Our offering helps organisations focus not only on one business area or problem, but to understand the holistic relationship between people, processes and systems and the interaction between all three. It provides businesses with insight to make informed choices about people interventions, process change and systems and at what time each solution should be provided to have the most impact.

So how is our offering different to competitors?

We do not require substantial amounts of client data

We have already built our data bank. Our forensic and scientific approach dimensions our clients against 3.2million data points collected from 5,000 change programmes to reveal the correlations that matter. Using this knowledge, our clients change programmes become more predictable because we use the law of probability to indicate what they should do, in what order and to what extent.

We do not require substantial amounts of client time

Unlike our competitors, we go beyond market experience and carry no bias; our dataset helps our clients to do more, more quickly with more certainty by indicating which things in which order give the biggest return quickest. As we use AI to find commonalities and not an army of consultants, this means we are a very agile alternative to traditional analytics.